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Saturday, January 22, 2011

33 Before 29

So my sister inspired me to do this list, as she has one of her own. Hers is 30 before she's 30. Mine is 33 before I turn 29...(for the 4th time...shhh)

I'm not a very good cook, though I can follow a recipe pretty well. I love to bake. There are a few things that I've always been scared hesitant to try. There have also been things that I have tried, but have previously failed at, that I would like to succeed at doing. And then there's the never ending craft projects. I must have a million bookmarks on my other computer (which I have neglected to find a way to transfer over to my new computer) of cool crafts and ideas that I would like to do. This is a list of some of those projects that I would like to tackle before the aforementioned 29th birthday. There were lots of other things I would have loved to put on this list, but location and availability prevent me from being able to accomplish them at this time and I'm all right with that. It'll just give me something to do on my next list.
This gives me approximately 2 years, 50 days to complete. That should be plenty of time right? (but knowing me, I'll leave it till the last days and I'll be madly crafting/baking/cooking the week before my birthday, leaving my family wondering what kind of lunatic mid-life crisis I'm hitting)

Anyway, my intention is to keep you up to date (occasionally) about how my list is going. So without further ado, the list:

1. Creme Brulee
2. Sushi
3. Risotto
4. Tiramisu
5. Puff Pastry
6. Steak (can you believe it? I've never cooked steak - I always leave it up to the hubby)
7. Pie Crust (Pastry and I don't generally get along, I'm a tenderflake kinda gal)
8. Souffle
9.  Bread (I've had disastrous results with all my previous efforts)
10. Homemade Pasta
11 Canning (relish/salsa)
12. Fondant covered cake
13.  Homemade Tortillas
14. Candy (with a thermometer) - I've yet to make anything that requires a candy thermometer that's ever turned out!
15  Gingerbread house
16. Homemade perogies
17. Ice Cream
18. Fried Rice
19. baked alaska
20. French onion soup
21. Royal icing cookies 
22. Cabbage Rolls
23. Hardanger Lefse (A Norwegian specialty which is popular in my town, I love it, so would like to learn to make it myself)
24. Pavlova
25. Throw Cushions for the couch
26. Piano Bench Cover
27. Bolsters/decorative pillows for the bed
28. Repaint both kids' dressers
29. Table Runner
30. Tree Skirt (right now I have a $5 cheesy felt one, but I have dreams of a damask and velvet one)
31. Wall Decor for the Restaurant (our restaurant which we manage has some horrible decor, which I'm in the process of working toward rectifying)
32. Easter Rag Baskets for the kids (I saw a cute one that I have bookmarked on the other computer. I'll link it up once I transfer everything over.

and finally, this one doesn't fall into either crafting or cooking/baking, but it's something I'd like to do nonetheless:

33. Learn Chopsticks on the piano (my brother sent me the music and I'm determined to learn it - I've got my work cut out for me!)


  1. good list! Good idea on the craft projects. Helps the waist line too. Hehe.
    And good thing you added that link to chopsticks or people would assume you're the lamest music major ever!

  2. Yay! I made a slight mention on your blog!