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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pirate Present

My son is now of the age where he is beginning to be invited to birthday parties on a fairly regular basis. Seeing as I never seem to have the right kind of wrapping paper/gift bags, etc. I am always at a loss as to how to wrap the gift. I try to stock up on wrapping paper, but no matter how hard I try I always seem to have the wrong gendered stuff, or no ribbon to match, etc. All that brought about the inspiration for this wrapping.

For this one, (obviously) the friend was having a pirate birthday party. I had the black and white striped wrapping paper, (which at the time was the most masculine paper I could find in my stash) which I wrapped the gift in. And then I spruced it up to look like a treasure map. I cut out the little dotted pieces and the 'x' using my Silhouette craft cutter (though it probably would've been just as easy to do by hand, but I'm lazy!) and then I just used glue to stick it onto the present. The pirate pictured up in the right-hand corner is actually the card I made to go with the present. It is a shape that I downloaded from the Silhouette store.

I'm obsessed. This is my new "thing". I love wrapping gifts and figuring out how I'm going to coordinate it with the birthday party's theme. Come back next week when I'll be sharing my "cowboy" present.

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